Interesting Documentary on Olaudah Equiano

Olaudah Equiano has a very compelling story to tell.  Olaudah was a slave during the 1700’s who travelled from Africa, to the West Indies, and then to America undergoing the harsh slave life.  While dealing with this difficult life, Olaudah wrote a book about freedom and human rights.  “Everyday now brought me nearer my freedom, and I was impatient until we proceeded again to sea, that I might have an opportunity of getting a sum large enough to purchase it.” From day one, Olaudah strived to get his freedom due to the horrible life he lived.  Once Olaudah bought his freedom, the book was very successful around the world, which compelled others to speak out against slavery.  The book told a story about his life and all of the inhumane acts that he dealt with each day during slavery.  This book was so successful that even Americans were moved by the way that Olaudah told his story.  Olaudah Equiano is a very compelling person because even in a very racist world, he did not shy away from letting his voice be heard.


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