Phylllis Weatly: Freedom to Study

It was said by Phillis Wheatley, “…It is a difficult task to keep in the path of wisdom.” After I read over Phillis Wheatley’s section of “Vol A” I saw this quote on a website called It is not easy to become educated and successful. You really need to work need to dedicate a lot of time and effort. Wheatley’s difficulties in the goal of wisdom and accomplishments where were much different than mine, She was a African slave in a society where it is not only frowned upon to teach an African slave how to read and write but often illegal. Against all odds she proved a generation wrong. She illustrated the stereotype that whites were some how intellectual superiors was wrong. Her poems and letters touched people around the globe. Her beautiful works such a “Maecenas” and in “The natural rights of Negros” where she ingeniously states the atrocities of the slavery that happened in Egypt and in America and this quotation spoke to my heart “god has implemented a principle witch we call love of freedom”.  Are evidence that everyone should be able to learn that everyone should be able to learn no matter race, religion, or opinions because everyone has something to share and learn.


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One Response to Phylllis Weatly: Freedom to Study

  1. Jacqueline Autuori says:

    I like your choice to write about Phillis wheatly because she has a really inspiring story. I also really enjoyed the quote you picked, “…It is a difficult task to keep in the path of wisdom.” This quote perfectly fits to represent Phillis Wheatly and her struggles in life.

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