Verses upon the Burning of our House: “Here Follows Some”

Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672) was an important figure in American literature. She was clearly different than other women. First of all, she was greatly educated; she received a superior education than other women of the time. That education helped her to shine her, and gave her the possibility to think by herself. Once she had her ideas and she started to think by herself, she could see what she really think about the religion. It was going to be there when she started to be the radical woman that people know. Anne Bradstreet started to write poems, and it really surprised many because she was a woman. During this time, the women were treated poorly, they could not vote or participate in the politics, and they only were helpful for work at home and raising children. Then Anne Bradstreet appeared, who started to write  poetry about religion. In “Here Follows Some…” she wrote “Thou hast an house on high erection, Framed by that mighty Architect”. She implies how the marvelous God is building a higher home for everybody of us, heaven. So she wrote about religion with her own ideas, when the women only obey their husbands, which were edited by her brother. Anne Bradstreet was a radical woman because of her strong personality and her personals ideas. What surprised that these poems were written by a woman.

Here we have the verses of “Here Follows Some”


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One Response to Verses upon the Burning of our House: “Here Follows Some”

  1. Mikhail Kozak says:

    I like your ideas they are really impressive! Moreover I enjoyed the structure of your paragraph.
    Also it is great that you put the video in the end it makes the whole paragaph even more entertaining . Good JOB!

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