Black Hawk

Black Hawk was apart of the Sauk Nation. He stood apart from society when the United States Government tricked the Indians into signing off their land and thus proceeded to force them off it; Black Hawk returned, knowing the Americans would be impertinent to re-claim their land, where the rest of his tribe cowered to the government’s commands. Even after engaging in a navel battle with a steamboat on the Mississippi River, Black Hawk never gave up his dream of regaining his pride and people’s land, even after the relentless Americans open-fired on him after they waived a white flag of submission. After his people were slaughtered, women and children, “Black Hawk led a party back to the Rock River; surely knowing American opposition would ensue, yet determined to reestablish hid people their traditional homelands” (Levine & Krupat 1253).

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One Response to Black Hawk

  1. jray13 says:

    I admire Black Hawk’s courage in standing up for what he believes in and demanding his rights as a person. This is a good description of how he fought society norms and sacrificed his life for the rights of his people instead of “cowering to the government’s commands” like all the other members of the Sauk Nation.

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