Colonial Literature paragraph

Although it was very those days complicated there was one thing  that was really important for American people back then – the faith in god. There is a stereotype that America was the land of religious freedom that’s why lots of people were willing to come here. However, they did not find what they were looking for, They still were prosecuted, they still had to believe in what people are saying to them.

Lots of people were looking for a place where they can believe in what they want during 1500-1700.There were lots of conflicts in Europe, some of them even grew to become wars, that concerned religion back then. People are prosecuted by the church if you are not obeying its rules – so people found America! The land where you can believe in anything you want and nobody is going to trouble you. Because of all these “religion wars” in Europe Protestants and Piligrims decided to come to The New land in GROUPS away from the English church where they could found colonies and build their families.

Anne Hutchinson – a very strong and fascinating charachter. She started questioning the teaching of English church. After she started to give lessons of her own she was banished from the colony and she journeyed to Rhode Island. But still she could not find land where she became accepted. She died in New Amsterdam (New York). Today people of America remember her as a symbol of the struggle for religious freedom.

Volume A shows us how complicated it was during the American Colonization. It brakes our stereotype about the religious freedom that everybody was looking for. They found it, but not in the big cities in provinces where people with different faith live together and helped each other.

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