The Stories Within the House

Imagine discovering an emotionally connecting and horrifying story about a family during the Holocaust who lived in the house that is now part of your family’s legacy. Tatiana de Rosnay utilizes her intertwined structure of her novel Sarah’s Key to explore the sufferings faced during the Holocaust to untangle the hardships of a French-Jewish family who live in Nazi-filled Europe. As young Julia lives in present-day Paris as a journalist, she stumbles across the hidden history of her new apartment continuously putting the pieces together alternating between her discoveries and Sarah Starzynski’s dark childhood through the Holocaust uncovering more than could ever be imagined. Through Julia’s findings not only does she unveil relations about France, but also her own husbands family and moreover herself. The author’s alluring style to portray the struggle of contradicting truths Julia is faced with as Sarah’s story is grippingly depicted makes it a page-turner.

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