Wools, Tools, a Little Cabin & a Deserted Island

     Everybody has thought, in any moment of his or her life, what it would be like to live on in a deserted island after a shipwreck. Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, makes this idea a reality. The novel narrates an adventure by this character that lived 28 years in an exotic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

     Robinson Crusoe, son of a rich English family, had the wish to sail around the seas. His adventure started with big storms and Turkey pirates that made him a slave, but it finished after a strong windy storm that sank his boat, making him the only survivor who arrived on a small island. There is where his 28-years odyssey started. He hunted, made a personal cabin and discovered the cannibals and other mystery people, who appeared in the island, before is rescued by an English ship. Friday is the most important second character, a native person who Robinson saved from the cannibals. He calls him Friday because this was the day when they met each other.

I am not a fanatical reader, but some classic novels like this adventure one makes me read sometimes. I found it interesting because it illustrates for you a scene of this shipwreck, which I think is an interesting theme, and people like or pay more attention sometimes in watch disaster stories.


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I am one of the Mr. Sullivan's great students... I am from Catalunya (Catalonia), and I love my country and its capital! VISCA CATALUNYA!!!
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