Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott: The Secret Life of a Teenage Con Artist

In Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott, Dani and her mother have been constantly moving and switching towns, where they have been robbing houses to make a living ever since she was little. In Dani’s dramatic introduction, she explains, “My name is Danielle. I’m eighteen. I’ve been stealing things for as long as I can remember.” For this reason, Dani has never known what it is like to live a sedentary lifestyle where she can go to school, make connections, or make friends. In the little beach town of Heaven, however, these issues change. Dani makes friends and she even falls for a boy who (just her luck) happens to be a cop. When Dani finds out that her mother’s new target is to rob her friend’s house, Dani struggles with the decision between the life she has always known and the life she always wished she had. Although Dani leads a very nonconventional life, she struggles with typical teenage girl problems, which therefore makes her a very relatable and believable character in Stealing Heaven.

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