When Seinfeld Meets Twain

When Twain Meets Seinfeld

            Mark Twain masters the art of satire in his writing. His satire has no boundaries. He will satirizes anything from race to religion. A modern day TV show that is a satire can compare very well with Twain’s Novel, Huckleberry Finn, is Seinfeld. The co-writer of Seinfeld, Larry David, like Twain, likes to satirize mundane things. Two of the main characters in Seinfeld, Jerry and Kramer, are very similar to the two main characters in Twains novel, Huck, and Tom. Kramer is a character very much like Huck almost his psychological double. To describe Kramer in the best way think about anything, for example eating then think about how you would do it, with utensils of course, then think about the most outrageous, heinous way it can be done like using them upside-down; that is how Kramer does everything. Kramer never really holds down a good job. He is always leaching off of other people and doing everything he can to keep from being reformed. Huck is the same way. Huck hates reform. When Widow Douglas try’s to reform Huck he just runs away. Constantly running from reform Huck always continues out west on a different path just like the way Kramer at one point ended up moving to California. Tom on the other hand is very much like the other main character in Seinfeld, Jerry. Jerry is close with Kramer like Tom is with Huck. But of the two friends like Tom, Jerry is the more neat and organized one. While being a bit quirky, always overdoing things/exaggerating, and joking around Jerry is the complete opposite of Kramer. Jerry, like Tom, plans things out and is organized. Tom is on the track that in the future he will have an organized life, become educated, sustain a job and become an intelligent adult with an adult’s lifestyle. That is also a description of who Jerry currently is. These characters from Twain and from Seinfeld are alternate reality versions of each other playing major roles in a satire. Only one of the satires is modern day, and one is hundreds of years old. They both have the exact same humor.

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