Python Looks as Twain

Monty Python is one of the best comedy groups in movie history. As others humorists like the Marx’s Brothers, Monty Python made films, but at the same time they made also comedy sketches. One that I really like is called, “The funniest joke in the world”. It is about an English writer of jokes who wrote the most hilarious joke in the world, and everybody who read it, died laughing. Consequently, England uses this lethal weapon during World War II against the Germans. During the entire clip, they satirized how stupid the wars are. At the beginning, some English generals appear moving pinks as pieces of the army on a map without any sense. Python describes there how silly the generals were and those they did not do anything useful. After England discovered the joke, they satirized the war putting the joke as the most dangerous and lethal weapon of the time. Just a funny history was the development in such important event like the World War II. Then they satirized the Nazis, starting with Hitler saying another joke. They tried to make another joke to attack their enemy, making funny of the Nazis, who tried to copy strategies from England. All what people did, starting with the police officer who tried to take the joke, was bravely and characteristic from a war, but the funny part is that the cause was just a joke. I relate this with the satire that Twain use for feud. There is a scene in Huckleberry Finn when Buck explains Huck what is a feud. The first causes that made the conflict were also funny and stupid. He could not even remember what were the exact causes of the great fight, or when did this feud start. Along with Monty Python, Twain satirizes the war, the nature and process of it, and suggests that they are stupid and silly.  They both critique how useless the wars are. Of course they do not want the war, but here they explain you the reason why they do not like them. They are simply a waste of money and lives. And they make you ask the same question satirizing them.

Finally, I want to show you an interview in 1975, when Monty Python already started with their magnificent career.


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