Does Dane Cook Follow in the Footsteps of Twain?

Though back in the days of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn satire usually came in the form of literature, whether it was a play, book, or poem, that isn’t necessarily true today. Though there still may be some examples of satire in the form of books or novels out there today that may be read by the older generations in society, the current generations of children and young adults tend to tap into satire in a different way. Usually, nowadays, it is through the performing arts, such as stand-up comedy. A personal favorite of mine is Dane Cook, who is a stand-up comedian that uses his popular comedy to address everyday issues and criticize them, but in a hilarious way. Of course, his issues are not as deep or overwhelming as slavery like in Huck Finn’s adventures, but he will still talk about the problems of day-to-day life. While Mark Twain uses the naïve and innocent qualities of a little boy to help humor the mood of the problems he is addressing, Dane Cook uses his direct humor to make his point. In both cases, the author and the comedian’s views are better received by the audience. Satire has definitely evolved through the years, but the principle is still similar.

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