The Test of Moses and Huck Finn

by Ivan Kramskoi 1861

Test in the Bible is an important recurring theme. God often tests the goodness and faith of his people. By testing a person, their true selves and character are shown.  In the book of Exodus in the Bible, the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt is told. God calls upon Moses to lead the enslaved Israelites out of Egypt and the rule of the Pharaoh. Moses and his faith are tested on his journey through the desert and to freedom. Moses and the Israelites encounter obstacles and the Pharaoh’s army, however, with God’s help, Moses parts the sea and they are able to escape. Moses’ test was in his ability to overcome the obstacles in front of him and to rely on his faith and goodness to free the Israelites.

This theme of test relates to the story of Huckleberry Finn. On his journey with Jim on the river he is tested, and his faith is tested often. Huck and Jim must escape from bandits, they get separated, and Huck grapples with betraying Jim. Huck’s true character and self is tested on his journey. His faith in God is tested as he is unsure whether or not to reveal Jim’s identity. The stories not only relate in the way Huck is tested in the obstacles he must overcome, but also in his faith and ability to lead Jim out of slavery, as Moses led the Israelites out of slavery.

Relate also Test (Moses) with Odysseus

Relate also Test (Abraham) with Hamlet

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