Varsity Finished Second Behind a Strong Hopkins Squad

Tigers finished second again, behind a strong Hopkins squad.

Hopkins 22
Suffield 16
NMH 15
Berkshire 14
Pomfret 8
Williston 7
Gunnery 6
Wilbraham & Munson 0

After a grueling third set with players on both sides delivering great shots with depth, Sarah Berchuck and Eric Meno from Hopkins were the last players standing on the court when they shook hands. Sarah battled back with a strong second set in this exciting match, but Erica’s steadfast groundstrokes won the deciding third set. Briell Smith also battled extremely well from the baseline against her opponent, and all of the games were close in the match. She played her last singles match at Suffield well and with a lot of heart. Emily Hudson and Alex Matalon met stiff competition and crisps volleys from their opponents in the opening round prosets, and though they played some great doubles points, they unfortunately missed playing in the second round. Nevertheless, they became vociferous supporters during the second round of play; their cheerful voices were heard among the tree-tops as Suffield players were playing on opposite ends of the courts. Lucy Zimmermann and Lexi Bicknell opened the morning well with a perfect proset, but soon after Lucy suffered heatstroke symptoms, and somehow collected herself to play her last proset. They met a very competent doubles team in the consolation round, and points typically involved long rallies decided by winners from both sides. Team shout-out goes to Lucy for leaving it all on the court for her doubles partner.

1st Singles, Sarah Berchuck
beat Michaelann Denton (B): 8-0
beat Darby MacKay (G): 8-6
beat Ashby McCoy (Wil): 8-0
lost to Erica Meno (H) 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 in Championship final

2nd singles, Briell Smith
beat Molly Socha (WM) 8-1
beat Lexi Gulino (P) 8-1
beat Elena Korytnikova (NMH) 8-0
lost to Lulu Chub (H) 4-6, 4-6 in Championship final

1st doubles, Alex Matalon/Emily Hudson
beat Alex Adams / Dylan O’Hara (P): 8-2
lost to Sasha Gluzman / Ali O’Connor (Wil): 6-8
lost to Caroline Wood/ Kelley Hartmann (B) 6-8

2nd doubles, Lucy Zimmermann/Lexi Bicknell
beat Talia Gulino/Katie McNaughton (P): 8-0
forfeit to Meredith Wolpe/Sarah Hechtman (NMH): 0-8
beat Sarah Lombard/Kate Eldridge (G): 8-4


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