Congrats Team for a Great Season

Tennis Speech

From an historical point of view, the girls completed a great season, earning a 9-3 record, an impressive finish given some of the stronger teams on our schedule. From another historical point of view comes an apology from Mr. Sullivan as he deeply regrets not being with the team today. He is deep in the east campus woods with his American Studies class; they are hosting The State Archeologist (a star on the History Channel) who could only make a visit at this time.

The girls capstoned a great season with a second place finish in our Suffield Academy Tennis Tournament, which hosted seven other rival teams. See Mr. Sullivan’s tweets and blog posts for more details.

Two weeks ago the team enjoyed a great night as we celebrated our seniors, Briell, Alex and Jaclyn, with cards, flowers and well-wishes; then later we dined at the Chalke’s for a great team dinner. Other team highlights include the following:
• watching Annie and Hailey’s partnership develop as they completed the season with an undefeated doubles record;
• helping Neelam connect her forehand weapon with footwork;
• having fun watching Mr. Sullivan’s on-court footwork when Marisa often out-punned him;
• watching Jessie dominate her last opponent of the season and win a great singles match—she was also an all-day supporter at the tournament;
• supporting and challenging Sarah make even more improvements with her excellent game;
• looking forward to Lexi and Lucy’s leadership and performance at next year’s tournament;
• looking for the lightening that is now accompanying Emily’s thunderous groundstrokes;
• giving a big team shout-out to Alex and Briell’s co-captainship. We appreciated their loyal and dedicated leadership. From tee shirt design to constant supporter—they always left their matches and immediately traveled to which court needed the most support—their leadership will be missed. Their loyalty also helped them be perfect partners as co-captains; for captainship and for their four years of loyalty to the team, they both earned The Joyce Wilson Award.


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