Bartholomew’s Cobble

Bartholomew’s Cobble is another great model for eclectic trails and a hiking friendly experience. The various types of trails are well documented. Note the interpretive number in image that coordinates with interpretation text. The image is blurry because we thought we heard a bear rumble. The Trustees ([] an amazing organization and resource for us as a model) created an excellent one-room exhibition of all the types of habitats and geological features of the land area. Again, the Trustees organization seems to be great stewards of each propter they manage as they incorporate historical narratives with the biological importance. In fact, Bartholomew’s Cobble is recognized for its biological diversity, and since 1971 has achieved National Natural Landmark status for its array of plant and animal species and diverse habitats. Such a site visit inspires us to think about our eastern campus habitat. What was it prior to colonial use? During the last three centuries? What is it now after limited human interaction? What should it be in the 21st century?


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