Historic Road to the Lighthouse: “Historic Shout out to the Sheriff’s Meadows”

I have walked this trail many times with my wife and sons, and on this summer day of epiphany, I was jogging the trial with my eight-year’s old. We were wondering how far our route would be before we began, and while looking at maps, discovered that the one main trial was called the “Road to the Lighthouse.” As I marveling at his athletic abilities to bob and weave through some of the random poison ivy leaves vines that spilled over onto the well groomed trail, I was reminded of the many times when he was really young I negotiated with him to keep on walking instead of finishing the hike on my shoulders. Then, as we took a turn onto a new trail artery, it was immediately apparent (if you were looking for the clues) that this trail was old. All of a sudden there was a crown in the middle of the road showing that carts treaded the path a long time ago. This part of the trail had longer stretches of straight paths; it didn’t meander as other nature trails do.

About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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