The Ancient Burial Ground in Harford Stands as a Good Model for our Burial Ground

The Ancient Burial Ground in Harford Stands as a good models for our Burial Ground. Perhaps the most moving monument is the African American gravestone near the east side of the burial ground, just next to the steps of the of the First Congregational Church. In fact, the 1999 project of Hartford School children also provides us a good model of combining service learning with the documents we know about 18th century African Americans in our town burial ground. In addition, there are also colonial gravestones by some famous Connecticut River Valley carvers who are also in the Suffield Burial Ground. The current historic brochure at the site provides great details about specific graves as well as details about the founders’ marker commemorating the earliest settlers of Hartford. Coudld a Suffield class make such a brochure for our burial ground? Bill Hosley’s new video will help us with future projects as we can walk around the grounds in Suffield notice the plain style merge into many great examples of folk art before the neoclassical cultural tide swept across in the early 1800s. What other cultural patterns do you notice? Also of note in previous posts are the examples of Batterson stones from the middle and later 19th century.

As an introduction to the ABGA, Bill Hosley recently made this video:


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