SOLO Took a Trip to the Lighthouse Community

We traveled back in time through the labrynth-like forest of the Lighthouse community. After a spooky investigation of the ancient cemetery, we traveled to the decimated ruins of a house; only the rocky cellar remained. We came across the grindstone where wives and daughters would work to provide ground seeds and berries for food. After exploring these historical remains, we trekked up a treacherous and dangerously steep trail to a breathtaking view of the snow-capped forest. This completed our adventure, luckily surviving the slippery descent.

-Livy and Georgina

Click here for a lecture on charcoal making, a trade for some in the Lighthouse community, which was a village of Native Americans, freed African-American slaves, and assorted European outcasts who came together and established a settlement that thrived from 1740 to 1860.

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