How to Make a Post on our Digital Classroom Blog

Here are some written instructions. Below is an excellent video tutorial. There are many more on line.

1.) Go to the “Meta” widget area on the right hand panel (side) of the blog; than click on “site admin” or “log in” hyperlink;
2.) Click on “add new”, located under the “post” tab;
3.) To insert picture, click on first icon next to upload or insert. Once you choose the picture from your desktop, you must click the insert into post button to make the picture a part of your post, then click save all changes. To insert video, there is another icon to the right of the insert picture icon.
4.) Follow the instructions to post picture or video.
5.) Click publish to create your new post; click update after you revise.


About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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One Response to How to Make a Post on our Digital Classroom Blog

  1. 15lds says:
    In one of these paintings called ” Independent thinkers” a man and women are walking home alone through a local park. What stands out the most in this painting would be the loud colors in comparison to the dark clothed people. One element of modernism shown in this specific painting would be mystery. This is one element that is prominent because there are so many unknown factors within this artwork. Some of these components include the mystery of who the man and women are, where are they coming from? Also, what is the artist trying to portray when he uses such bright hues? Mystery is such a powerful component because it also leads to other elements of modernism, like readers/viewers drawing their own conclusions. Mystery allows people to interpret any and all all works of art in a multitude of ways.

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