I Don’t Think It’s Possible to Have a Sense of Tragedy Without Having a Sense of Humor~ Christopher Hitchens

Over Thanksgiving break, I chose to read the novel, Mortality by Christopher Hitchens. First of all, I am quite appreciative of the introduction, which explains the state of mind the author was in while he was writing this book. Although the majority of the novel is reflections and critiques of peoples’ particular behaviors when socializing with someone suffering from cancer, it was helpful to know the specific background of the author’s condition. As for Hitchens’s writing, I found his specific and witty idiolect entertaining on several levels. I was aware of Hitchens’ style of writing, which is often described as dark, critical, or profane, and it was intriguing to see how Hitchens was able to stick to his principles and religious beliefs, or lack of belief for that matter. Being an atheist, Hitchens described the many verbal attacks he endured; particularly one Christian woman who claimed he got what was coming to him and would burn in hell for it. Hitchens held slim to no restraints or censoring in his works and speeches, and I idolize him for continuing this even when faced with such a horrible circumstance as stage four esophageal cancer. Mortality, a novel comprised of the keen observations and insightful wit of Christopher Hitchens, should be a staple in every person’s reading portfolio.

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