What the Future Holds

In Act I scene iii of Macbeth, William Shakespeare develops the plot by using connotation to create foreshadowing. The witches foresee the upcoming events and tell Macbeth he will become king. William Shakespeare uses connotation in this scene by incorporating the line “upon this blasted heath you stop our way.” This quotation uses “blasted heath” as a supernatural force to describe an empty and deserted place where the witches first meet Macbeth. The setting is important for the witches’ character by creating an isolated and mystical atmosphere. During their meeting Macbeth receives his first insight that he will become thane of Glamis, thane of Cawdor, and the future king. With this supernatural ambition, Macbeth now has multiple perceptions of becoming king. This examination shows how connotation is unique in forming creative poetry, and without it, Shakespeare’s plays would not be successful.

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  1. chaddy225 says:

    Great job, Jacob!

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