This I Believe

This I Believe, edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman, contains the personal philosophies of remarkable men and women. The editors compiled eighty of the essays written by famous individuals, from Albert Einstein and Helen Keller to Bill Gates; the individuals reveal their personal, closely held beliefs in the essays. These essays are extremely interesting and readable due to their short length and intimacy of the subjects. The themes of the essays are really easy to catch and understand, and make the readers muse and reflect more on themselves. The greatest impact this book has on its reader is to create one’s own “This I Believe” statement and encourages the reader to state and to follow their beliefs. One of my favorite essays from the book is “Leaving Identity Issues to Other Folks”, by Phyllis Allen. I felt really connected with the ideas and the “believe”, and I “believe” in the same thing as the author. My favorite quotation in the essay is, “I’ll leave those identity issues to other folks. I believe that I’m free to be whoever I choose to be. I believe in being a good friend, lover, and parent so that I can have good friends, lovers, and children. I believe being the best that I can be.” Reading about others’ reflections on life cause one to wonder about their own statement about life. This I Believe is an outstanding book; it is great book for one to think deeply of one’s life, goals and beliefs.

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