Beauty Is In The Eyes of Each Artist


Steve Martin’s An Object of Beauty is about a woman named Lacey who is living in New York City trying to make her own strides the art industry as a young artist. The book focuses on her art career as well as her role as a woman in society, playing with the roles of feminism and the perceptions of younger and older adults .One of Lacey’s views on her feminism is that a woman should think of a man as men refer to women as, which leads her to be thought of as a tease during her many relations with men. From some of these men and her experiences in New York, Lacey learns the value of different pieces of art and how beauty changes from person to person. Lacey’s pursuit to open her own gallery, economic struggles, and social encounters make her not only a strong main character for the novel, but also an appeasing feminist, believing in her own talent and beliefs.

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