Ice Green

The book, Matched by Ally Condie describes a unique idea where government decides how your life should be lived based off of calculations.  In order to create an ideal and perfect society, government gets full access and control to your life; this was the main focal point behind Matched.  What made this book stand out to me was that the society was so different from our own but yet was still believable; this was a key factor in to the literature of the book.   Ally Condie spent a lot of time describing the setting and characters due to how crucial it was to the story, this imagery made the book enjoyable and a good read.  For example when Ally Condie takes time to describe the green dress Cassia wears it she portrays it as “Ice green, floating, full-skirted.(p6)”   This shows Condie’s appreciation for detail that she uses throughout her book.  Due to this amount of detail and description that she uses her characters are easy to imagine, giving them a realistic feel and more depth to her story.

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