The biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is an in depth look upon the legacy of Steve Jobs.  Written as a biography, Steve Jobs is portrayed from his earlier years through his death at age 56.  Walter Isaacson is a well-established writer and biographer whom had the trust of Steve Jobs, in the regard that Mr. Jobs only altered the cover but not the content of the writing.  The insightful look upon Steve Jobs is extremely interesting, as well as a unique opportunity to learn more about a man who was a key component of a technological movement, by creating his line of “I” products.  The biography contains content of Jobs’ ideas, brilliance and personal interests, which are written concisely as well as elegantly.  The content in the biography illuminates parts of his life, when he has significant interaction with other successful people in the world of technology such as Bill Gates.  The journey of his seeds of idea for the first Macintosh computer, involvement in a club with most of the future prominent creators of incredible corporations would share their knowledge with one another, to the prediction of his creation Apple Corporation to become the largest company in history, are all portrayed with each detail enhanced so one can fully comprehend his actions and thoughts.


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