Golfs Sacred Journey

Over my spring break I read David Cook’s Golfs Sacred Journey; Seven Days on the Links of Utopia. The main theme of this story is one that our school has been focused on all year, resilience. David Cook is a professional golfer who had dreams of becoming big. When he was playing in the Texas open, he finished his round with a eighteen on the final hole and lost his lead. David got in his car and drove for hours until he reached a town called Utopia where he meets an old man who has a knack for helping golfers. For seven days the old man teaches David the way of the game. He was ready to give up golf, but this journey relit the flame that he had lost on the eighteenth hole of the Texas Open. Not only was this an amazing story, but it also helped me with my game. David gave many pointers on how to simplify golf. He shows us how sports can be easy if we don’t over think them. The old man has David draw a picture of what he wants his shot to look like. He says that if one can visualize their shot, they can hit it to perfection. This story has real life lessons and golf hints that any person can benefit from. Such as taking a extra breath before a shot or waiting for the wind to die down before hitting the ball. This story was truly inspirational and I recommend it to any golfer or sports fan.

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