The Good and The Bad of The Z Word.

The word “zounds” creates a hostile atmosphere for the readers. During this moment in the play, Shakespeare uses many word choices to change tone. The way Othello yell “zounds” it makes the audience see how serious he was with Desdemona. Othello speaks with Desdemona, and as they are talking he asks for the handkerchief. She continues to tell Othello, “I pray you, talk me of Cassio, and he was the man that found his good fortunes in his love”. By this time Othello is mad and storms off yelling, “zounds”. As he yells this, he shows his frustration with Desdemona. Iago then looks in the room, and the two women realize that Othello’s was set up to be jealous. The word “zounds” is very important during this play. It represents the blood from the death of Jesus on the cross. And now Othello uses this idea to show and express his anger

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