What Should We Watch?

Produced in 2007, this movie has now become an interesting benchmark in the history of the climate change discussion in our culture. This new begs the question: what is the documentary for your generation that will help us all move forward in a positive direction with the greatest problem the world has ever seen?

There are many ways to present the problem of Global Climate Change. Instead of dwelling on the problem with a doomsday tone, this movie documents the science of the problem as well as the history of problem-solvers who are innovating our way out of the problem. Interestingly, the “Step it Up” student group (2007) in this movie from Bill McKibben’s Middlebury College environmental club become the foundation for the http://350.org/ organization.

So, what is the best movie for us to view to understand climate change so that we can appreciate the “Outdoor” in Suffield Outdoor Leadership Opportunities more?


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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1 Response to What Should We Watch?

  1. Ron Schildge says:

    On the subject of climate change, I think An Inconvenient Truth is a great primer on climate change. The national dialogue has gotten away from general education and moved into the radial polarization phase. If more people understood the science, at least the political debates would move beyond denial. On this subject, can you believe that the the 2012 Presidential Debates didn’t feature a single question on the subject?

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