Arrive in a Testing Mindset and Focus

The most critical tactics to help you score high on the AP English Test are available to the world in various test prep sources. According to BenchPrep Blog’s article AP English – What To Expect, “The whole point of preparing for a test before you take it is to be prepared- not just academically, but also psychologically.” After taking a mock AP test during a Fall term final exam, it is safe to say that some of the most helpful, if not the most helpful tactics are psychological preparation as well as maintaining focus throughout the entirety of the exam. With the AP exam being a total of two hours and forty-five minutes, including both a multiple choice section and a three-essay section, being prepared and maintaining focus immediately pops into every test takers head. Due to the short amount of time allowed to take the test and the large amount of work to be done, the test taker must come into the exam psychologically prepared. This means they must get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, and be ready to endure a relatively long and extremely difficult exam. Another useful trick to remember is to double check that you have all the materials required to take the test the night before, this way you will not be stressing out five minutes before the test and completely throw off your focus. This undivided attention and focus is necessary to score high on the test because with only forty-five minutes to take the multiple choice section and forty minutes for each essay, there is no time to spare. Therefore as long as you relax and maintain your focus throughout the entire test, it is likely that you will be able to get your ideas out there quickly and efficiently to ace that test!

AP Test Source Comic

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