“We Can Do It!” Howard J. Miller

“We Can Do It” by Howard J. Miller shows modernism through the current events happening during World War II.  This painting addresses the modern issue occurring during the mid 1900s.  Men were forced to leave their factory jobs and go to war.  This made women to leave their house life and resort to hard factory life.  This need for money allowed women to come together and defy the role of the household women.  This painting demonstrates the empowerment that the women felt when their services were needed.  “We Can Do It” represents this change in society that was happening during this time period therefore showing elements of modernism.  This painting also is addressing the modern problems of the time and the rise of women.  “We can Do It” also challenges a higher power, the power of the man, and supports the rise of the workingwomen.  Howard J. Miller demonstrates elements of modernism in “We Can Do It” by reflecting the conflicts of society during the time period and presenting them in art work.


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