Target the Easy Questions

While studying for the AP English exam is absolutely critical, there are various other strategies that can propel you ahead of your peers and onto success. One of the most important of these would be the order in which you start to answer multiple-choice questions. As soon as you begin the test, you can settle yourself into a confident mindset by first answering all the questions you know. Aside from putting yourself into a more relaxed, positive mood, you will begin to get loosened up intellectually. For an example, picture a sport’s practice. A coach would not start a player out with tricky, technical drills before first stretching and doing basic maneuvers until they’re comfortable. Just like this, stretch your brain with the easy, straightforward questions before attempting to tackle the more mentally strenuous topics. Once you get in the motion of test taking, the rest of the test will pass by quickly and fluidly. 

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