Eliminating False Answers

In my opinion, the multiple-choice section on the AP English Exam is probably the hardest part of the test. Not only must you choose the correct answer, you must choose the most correct answer. This in and of itself is a difficult process. The first step should include eliminating all answers which are meant to throw you off of the trail of the correct one. These are usually added as fillers to make up the five possible answers. Usually, on or two answer can be removed in this way. After that you are forced to choose between two or three answers which can all be classified as correct. The main thing you should try to look for are direct quotes from the text. If an answer includes words used in the passage, it is likely to be the most correct answer. Even if you can’t get the correct answer immediately, just narrowing down the answer to 2 of the 5 possible, that gives you an excellent chance of guessing it.



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