Defying the Odds with Bravery


The motif that dominates the story of David and Goliath is the act of being tested. In this biblical story, the fear of being tested by someone who is much stronger can be easily conquered by maintaining a brave mindset.  The story of David and Goliath was created because the Philistines and the Israelites were against each other in a bitter war. They lined up on two hills facing each other, and the almighty and powerful Goliath of Philistine, who stood at 9 feet tall, constantly threatened the Israelites. Nobody could defeat this monster until David came along. All the odds were against David because he was very young and he was not a solider, nor did he have any training in fighting. However, what differentiated David from the rest of the soldiers was his brave mindset. Everyone else was petrified by Goliath, but not David. He was not afraid to defeat Goliath by solely using skill and strategy, even though Goliath was twice his size and had triple the experience as David. David even disrespected Goliath by saying “for who is this uncircumcised Philistine?” He claimed that the Israelites should not be scared of him. Although the odds were against him, David ends up defeating Goliath with a sling, a stone, and a display of extreme composure and bravery.

Huck from Huckleberry Finn has a similar personality to that of David. The way he handles situations correlates with how David dealt with Goliath and also reinforces the motif of “testing” and how it relates to maintaining a brave mindset. He is not afraid to stand up to people much bigger than him. Huck is also very young at only 13 years old with a brave and rebellious mindset. He calls himself “low-down and ornery” and does not follow the rules and does not respect his elders. Unlike most boys his age, Huck is not the slightest bit afraid to lie to an adult’s face. He consistently partakes in well-thought out schemes that trick and defeat people that are older than him. For example,  he escapes Pap’s barn by faking his own murder with the pig, he lies to a stranger and pretends his dad his sick in order to get money, he dresses up as a girl to get information from a women in a nearby house, and he pretends to be Tom Sawyer when he comes across the house of Tom Sawyer’s aunt and uncle. He uses skill and manipulates his way out of most situations when the odds are against him because he has the mindset of bravery that is similar to David in the sense that he has no problem dealing with people much older and much more civilized than him.

Both Huck and David test very well in difficult situations because they maintain courage and composure.

Other modern allusions:

-Tom and Jerry

-Jack and the Beanstalk

-The Life of Pi (when Pi trains the tiger)

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