Title: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Author: Mark Twain


Huckleberry Finn-Main Character 13 years old, runs away from drunk father and the life he hates

Tom Sawyer-Huck’s friend and helps to foil Huck as very realistic and unimaginative compared to Tom

Widow Douglas and Miss Watson-wealthy sisters that adopted Huck

Jim– is one of Miss Watson’s slaves that runs away. Huck and Jim journey together down the Mississippi River and live through many trials and tribulations.

Pap– Huck’s drunk father he represents the failure of family and strong father figures in Huck’s life

The Duke and the King– two con men that Jim and Huck meet on their journey and take them on a few money scheming adventures. Huck and Jim can’t do anything to get away from them because Huck is only a kid and Jim is a runaway slave and could be turned in.

The Grangerfords– are a family that takes Huck in after Jim and Huck crash with a steamboat and they are split up for a while. This family has a very serious feud with a family called the Shepherdsons and it results in deaths of both families.

Motifs, Themes, Symbols:

Slavery and Racism


The Mississippi River


All adults are bad/bad influence (except Jim: father figure)


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