My Antonia

Title: My Antonia

Author: Willa Cather


-Jim Burden: Narrator, A young man interested in the environment and his schooling, becomes friends with Antonia on his trip to Nebraska

-Antonia: Moved to Nebraska from Bohemia when she was very young and became Jim’s closest friend. She is very kindhearted and loyal to Jim and her family

-Josiah Burden: Jim’s grandfather, very religious

-Emmaline Burden: Jim’s grandmother, she tries to take care of Antonia’s family and -is very tenderhearted toward them and everyone

-Otto: The Burden’s hired worker, referred to as a cowboy.

-Mr. Shimera: Antonia’s father, immigrant from Bohemia, depressed and eventually ends his life in suicide

-Mrs. Shimera: Antonia’s mother and Mr. Shimera’s wife, immigrant from Bohemia, very dominant and gregarious, forced to provide for the family after her husband’s death.

-Yulka, Ambrosch, and Marek Shimera: The other three Shimera children, all immigrants from Bohemia.


Traditions and Memories From the Past

The environment


Childhood, and the Transition From Childhood to Adulthood



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