Cherish What You Have

“Sure, sure! If I’d gone with him to Alaska that time, everything would’ve been totally different”(Act One).

“But in Alaska, kid, I could…”(Act Two).

These lines from the play, a Death of a Salesmen by Arthur Miller, convey the struggle of chasing ones’ dreams.  Willy experiences flashbacks that evoke his negative outlook on life due to all the missed opportunities in his past. Miller portrays a character that always seeks the things he doesn’t not have, which causes him to overlook the things he does have.  Arthur Miller represents many aspects of Shakespeare’s plays that illuminate human suffrage and joy.  Shakespeare includes human nature in a manner that allows the viewer and reader to connect to the play, which enhances the overall meaning.  This scenario presents a life lesson that relates Willy’s issues to modern day societal problems.  Willy illuminates the mindset of many Americans at the time, who are very resilient in order to achieve their dreams.  The dialogue throughout the play includes the thoughts of the characters from the perspective of the narrator.  This technique used by Arthur Miller allows the reader to gain insight upon Willy and all his regrets in life.  These lines delineate many aspects of the play, which rely upon the thoughts of Willy.


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4 Responses to Cherish What You Have

  1. dennysmythe says:

    Peter does a very good job of connecting Shakespeare to the greater theme of his universal knowledge and his understanding of world views and problems that did not exist until years after his era. “This scenario presents a life lesson that relates Willy’s issues to modern day societal problems.”

  2. beans11 says:

    The third sentence of this post creates an ultimate comment on the flaws of both Willy and often people in society today.

  3. jillianhaywood says:

    Peter’s third sentence clearly reveals one of the most important aspects of Willy’s character: his inability to see what he has because he is too busy focusing on what he does not have.

  4. sagemaggi says:

    Peter connects Death of a Salesman to Shakespeare in line four when he makes the connection between the two to human nature, which is important to understanding the plot and motifs of the characters in both author’s works.

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