The Powerful Myth of Multi-tasking


The Crowsnest Rules web page explains how a student caught on a non-academic web page during class must at least learn more about the myth of multi-tasking. This track is the way towards an intellectual discipline approach to using the computer in appropriately during class. I also remind students that future employees want and will likely monitor productivity. Besides, how can we take-away the most powerful learning tool ever used? So let’s learn to self-discipline ourselves and maximize our learning.

Two recent discoveries by students include the following articles. There have been interesting conversations since this post with the two students as well as other students in other classes. That’s one of the benefits of one central blog.

The first comes from the Entrepreneur, which draws readers who take issues such as productivity quite seriously.

The second was from Psychology Today, which hopes to explain how our brain works.

Appreciate them with the sound turned down.


About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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