Brooklyn Bridge


In Daisy Miller and the painting Brooklyn Bridge by Henry Ward Ranger, juxtaposition is utilized. In the painting, the lively atmosphere of the city contrasts the tranquility of the water. This distinction closely resembles the different parts of Daisy Miller’s character. Daisy is fighting against the shiny and pristine appearance society wants to put on her, but also against the flirtatious label that comes with being a busy, city girl. Defining her is next to impossible because of the mess of contradictions in her personality. Her innocence is like the clarity of the water but her cheer and easy acceptance of others, regardless of status, is very down-to-earth. Daisy is kind, blunt, audacious, stubborn and somehow still virtuous despite the claims of gossips. New York, much like Daisy, has so many different peculiarities and characteristics that no label can do it justice.

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