Mountains and Aunts vs. Fields and Daisy

The contrast in light to dark and warm to cold accurately depicts the juxtaposition of Daisy against her society in Daisy Miller. This painting by Thomas Moran compares the bright, shining, and snow covered mountains, to the shadowed, grassy, and warm area down below. This comparison is very similar to how Daisy is set up against her society throughout the story. Daisy, a carefree American flirt, is clearly going against the norms of society throughout her time in Europe. Daisy could be depicted as the rolling plains in this painting. She is laid back and relaxed, almost too much for Mrs. Costello’s taste. Winterbourne’s aunt, Mrs. Costello,  provides a contrast to Daisy by acting as the norm of society, and by informing the reader of the views of the time period. Winterbourne’s aunt is depicted as the mountains in this painting because the mountains represent unforgiving and unrelaxed lifestyles. These characteristics exactly describe the aunt. This juxtaposition is clear during the conversations between Winterbourne and his aunt. The painting also clearly compares and contrasts the hard, edgy mountains to the rolling, grassy plains. This painting relates to Daisy Miller by comparing the two different landscapes, just like how Henry James compares Mrs. Costello and Daisy Miller.Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.44.19 PM

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