Read for SAT Preparation. Or Listen to Another Great Reason from Will Smith

Greetings from the Crowsnest. Here is a great introduction to our pleasure reading assignment over Thanksgiving break. Please read a book—any book—over the Thanksgiving week. There are many reasons why pleasure reading is good for you as a student. Improving your SAT scores is just one. And there are many other great reasons to be a reader and prepare for the test of life!

The only requirement for this assignment is that you enjoy the book. So be sure to select a good book. Ask friends and family for suggestions. You can ask me or anyone at the library, too. This book can be any length–just get into it.  We’ll start writing small book reviews (5-7 sentences) on the first day back of winter term; we’ll then peer-edit them the next day before we post them to the blog. Again, my goal is that you enjoy your book and get interested in reading other books!  You can click on previous book reviews: What better source of information to find a good book than your classmates!  We’ll use this as a guide:


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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