Welcome to Project Based Learning: What are your Strengths and Opportunities for Growth?

According to local legend and lore, a few houses on Ratley Road in West Suffield were stations on the Underground Railroad. Our PBL task will be to investigate this and try to document the trail in our town. We will view this video to help us understand the classroom dynamic of a PBL venture. In fact, we should probably abandon the word “classroom” because we will be radically altering your past experiences of progressing through a high school curriculum in a classroom. Our collaborative journey requires you to be an optimal team member in this joint venture. We will be hosting a community event in the spring where we share what we learn about this investigation. I’m excited!

Please create a comment on the blog post by leaving a comment below. Use 4-5 sentences of Standard English to explain your points.

Also for homework, read the prologue to our new book. I’m excited for us all to hone our presentation skills. These are great life skills! http://www.amazon.com/The-Presentation-Secrets-Steve-Jobs/dp/0071636080


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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9 Responses to Welcome to Project Based Learning: What are your Strengths and Opportunities for Growth?

  1. Brendan Donahue says:

    I think its a good idea to have the students involved and creating their own learning environment, to be able to form the curriculum around the students is certainly a new and interesting idea. I agree that it get students not only involved but also excited what they are going to learn about. Showing that students are more attentive and participate more in this learning style is great, personally I am for any change in a classroom that leads to a more positive outlook on school.

  2. DanielWiese says:

    Personally, I really like the idea of having the students create their own curriculum. This is a great way of having the kids involved in their own way of learning, and I think it could be beneficial for many. The students will as a result hopefully be more enthusiastic in the topic they discover. This new way of teaching a class is for me extremely interesting and I would love to see more teachers trying it out as a part of the “experiment”. For some of the kids that fall through today´s school system, this might be just what they need.

  3. Sofie Skaugen says:

    I’m very excited about learning about the underground railroad being so close to the school. It is going to be very interesting and exciting to get out of the classroom and experience everything by ourselves. Seeing and doing makes a much deeper impression than learning on a board. By getting out of the classroom, and doing project based learning, I am hoping it will be more realistic and get everyone involved.

  4. Jack Frank says:

    My strengths and opportunities for growth are hard to truly identify. But, personally, I feel that my ability to complete accurate research and combine the abstract into something simple and concise: highlighting key points, establishing a relationship between ideas, and more. However, I feel that my greatest opportunity for growth can be attributed to group dynamics. Specifically, I think I could improve my ability to work in a group while we are all on the same page to accomplish a single goal. In the main, I am very excited for this class and feel that this class will both challenge and stimulate my interest in the Underground Railroad!

  5. Drew Glennon says:

    There are two main reasons I am excited to be in this class and pursue project based learning. The first is the fact that I and I believe others learn best when they personally choose what they study. By making this choice is allows people to have more passion for what they pursue, this is similar reason why we chose our English electives in the first place. Secondly, it is one thing for students to gather knowledge and educate themselves, but in this class we will not only do that but take it to another level by presenting to the greater community. I am excited to be apart of the class and uncover what we can on the Underground Railroad.

  6. BozotheClown says:

    Project based learning is a great way for any age-range of kids to learn. I think the strengths and opportunities I will have, and can achieve during this class are being able to create my own curriculum with the class and become more knowledgeable and informed about underground railroads and slavery specifically in CT area.

  7. Ben N says:

    Project based learning is gaining momentum. Just like foreign language emersion programs help students learn a foreign language quickly and on a cultural level, project based learning allows students to immerse themselves in subject matter that is new, and tailored to what they personally enjoy studying. Project based learning also ensures that the student fully understands the subject matter to the point that they can share their findings with fellow classmates.

  8. Jimmy Quinn says:

    I think the idea of project based learning is fantastic. Because it completely changes the no child left behind act, which I think hinders many advanced students who are forced to slow down and are not pushed to fully succeed. This new way of learning can also be very productive if the students are committed to their work. From what others have written I can’t wait to experience project based learning, because from what I understand the class or individuals will choose what we learn about. Which allows us to see where we really are driven and thrive.

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