A Journey of Self-Discovery through Travel

Throughout human existence, understanding oneself has been a goal taken on by many brave individuals. In the memoir Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert writes a detailed account of her travels throughout Italy, India, and Indonesia on a journey to determine what she needs in order to be happy. The story begins with Gilbert’s discontent in her seemingly idyllic life with her husband in the suburbs of New York City. One night, she comes to the realization that she is terribly unhappy and wishes only to travel. Given the opportunity and funds to do so, Elizabeth chooses to spend time finding pleasure in Italy, praying in India, and eventually finding love in Indonesia. Each country (and city) the author explores is vividly described in a manner that alone could be enough to entertain the reader. Weaved throughout the memoir are elements of religion, which are presented with sufficient self-deprecation to avoid a reader from feeling lectured. Gilbert’s wit and easy going attitude will appeal to readers in this light, but surprisingly poignant story about a woman who took a risk and came to know herself better in the process.

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