Deadly Fame

Marlowe is a character that Shakespeare always admired; he was the best actor and playwright in town. He was a person that Shakespeare looked up too and aspired to overcome him in his acting and playwright prowess. When Shakespeare first meets with Viola, he falls in love instantly, he goes to her house and causes a ruckus, when Lord Wessex realizes the ruckus that someone caused in his house, he found the person, who was Shakespeare, and Shakespeare says that his name is Kit Marlowe. He frames Kit really hard, this is a huge deal because now Lord Wessex wants Kit dead. Marlowe does not live very long, because he soon dies, by his own knife, but not by his hand. He was last seen in a bar fight, where he got his mortal wounds. Marlowe lived a good life, the people basically worshiped him especially the actors and playwrights in his town, it is a shame that he died in the manner he did.

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