Queen in Shakespeare

In the movie “Shakespeare in Love”, which described the early life of Shakespeare, Queen played one of the major roles. She was the one who ordered Shakespeare to write more plays, such as “Twelfth Night.” She was described in the play as a woman who really liked the theatre and especially comedy. She always wanted people to show her more and more comedies. She first tells Viola that there are no such things in the comedy that she can learn about true love. I think she somewhat motivated Shakespeare to write a better comedy that can capture everything that no one had ever expected. Also he might have wanted to prove that comedy can seize the story of true love. At the end, the Queen tells Viola that she wants Shakespeare to write another play, “Twelfth Night.” Shakespeare set the female character in the play based on his love for Viola. He names the main female character as Viola. I learned that the Queen was one the most influential person in Shakespeare’s early life whom encouraged him to write more great plays.

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One Response to Queen in Shakespeare

  1. joonhong123 says:

    I was able to see that Queen did motivated and influenced Shakespeare’s life and his plays in this movie. She has great power and will that influenced and recognized Shakespeare to rise and introduce “new comedy” to audiences.

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