Shakespeare and Hip Hop?

Music has evolved over and over again since Shakespeare. Hip-Hop is one of the most current musical genres that have blasted through modern urban lifestyles. From Eminem, to Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, to Jay Z, Nas, NWA, and the Wu-Tang Clan, rap and hip-hop have overcome the new music scene to really make a name for themselves. What it really is, is poetry. It is rhythmic lyrics, spoken to a beat, and using rhyme schemes and different flow to create originality and emotion.   As new as this genre is, rhythmic talking and musical delivery of poetry with flow and beat has been done since the 16th century. Shakespeare was the master of this technique, and proved it to be timeless as it is used today to convey different themes, but ultimately the same emotions.

In this Ted Talk, acclaimed hip-hop artist “Akala” explores, compares, and contrasts Shakespeare and modern hip hop, creating a interesting perspective on both sides of the method.

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