Shakespeare’s Strange Young LIfe


In the movie Shakespeare In Love, the main character Shakespeare is a very interesting character. It’s very interesting how he is nothing like the famous pictures and paintings I have seen of him in schools. He seems like a different man from the movie than he is in the paintings. In the movie he is portrayed as a young man with not much direction in life but writing plays. He is one of the characters that gradually changes throughout the movie, at first he is lost and not much going and sort of stuck in life, until he gets his chance to write a comedy, which we all know is Romeo and Juliet. We all know it does start off as a comedy but then ends in tragedy, which brings out Shakespeare’s creativity. In the movie we can see that he is a creative, sneaky, hard headed, romantic and passionate man, he himself is a comedian in the movie simply by dressing up as a lady to sneak into Viola’s meeting with the queen. But he is a different man after he falls in love with Viola, he starts to write more effectively, more creative with writing. Viola and Shakespeare’s love and them separating at the end of the movie, set us up for the comedy the Twelfth Night. Where Shakespeare in this movie is Duke Orsino and Viola is Cesario (viola) who crashes on the island of Illyria. At the end of the film Shakespeare in love, when saying there goodbyes, Viola helps Shakespeare with the plot for the Twelfth Night.

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One Response to Shakespeare’s Strange Young LIfe

  1. tianello says:

    The comparison that you made between the real life of shakespeare and how it is portrayed in the movie was good. Showing that he was a character that developed as the movie went on to become something great and the same for real life.

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