She Made it Possible for Love

The nurse was the person who protected Shakespeare and Viola’s relationship. She was the woman that made them able to be together. The nurse knew about their secret relationship, knew she could not change the true love, knew she could not stop the two of them trying to be together, so she helped William and Viola be happy and see each other behind the backs of her mother and fiancé.  The nurse was an essential person in Shakespeare’s early life. If it were not for her, then someone may have run into William and Viola in the bedroom and they would have been caught. The nurse let Viola do what she loved and protected her while letting her do so. For example, the nurse let Viola dress up as a man and preform even though that is illegal. The nurse has unconditional love for her; the nurse was more of a mother to Viola than her true mother, they hardly hid any secrets from each other and appreciated each other very much. Their love made it possible for William and Viola to love during their time together. Shakespeare throughout his plays wants the people to connect to his characters, the nurse was a major character that the people connected to. She was in Shakespeare In Love, but also in Romeo and Juliet, she knew the secrets of the lovers in both plots and protected them with her life.


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One Response to She Made it Possible for Love

  1. 14rjc says:

    you thoroughly explained their relationship and made clear her impact on Shakespeare

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