Viola in Shakespeare

In the movie Shakespeare in Love Viola dresses as a man to follow her passion of theatre. She falls in love with Shakespeare and becomes Shakespeare’s muse. Shakespeare needs love in his life to write plays. Before Shakespeare meets Viola he is in a slump in his writing. Shakespeare first interaction with Viola is during her audition. Viola is reciting a verse that Shakespeare wrote and Shakespeare is intrigued by her dialect. Since Viola is auditioning Shakespeare believes that she is a man because in 1593 women were not apart of the theatre. Shakespeare learns after chasing Viola that she is a woman and his creativity is inspired. Viola is a likable character. Viola’s love for Shakespeare seems the purest. Viola’s chief problem in Shakespeare in Love and in “Twelfth Night” is one of identity. Viola’s disguise blocks her from being able to act as her true self.

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One Response to Viola in Shakespeare

  1. 14keg says:

    I liked how you made the connection that Viola brought Shakespeare out of his slump and into his world of writing great plays!

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