Taking Advantage of the Public Library in Suffield


This project based learning opportunity will provide many different avenues of learning. By researching a local historical event, it will give the class access to information that would not be available in a traditional textbook. In addition by being so close to historical landmarks that contributed to an important piece of American history, there will be opportunities to get to know it in ways that most people do not.
In order to locate a source that will be helpful learning more about the northwest section of the cemetery, the public library in Suffield will be very helpful. At the public library, there are many more books than our school library has. Due to the amount of time the public library has been around, there are many old books that trace back to the 19th century when slavery was around in Suffield. For the American Studies class, the public library in Suffield would be a great resource to study because they will most likely have a good amount of books tracing back to that time.

There are several topics I would hope to discover in the Suffield library. By spending a good amount of time researching the books that are in the library, it can be possible to find books where the authors are writing for different viewpoints. In the different books it can be a slave describing their journey, slave owners, African Americans using the Underground Railroad and the people leading the Underground Railroad. By reading books from the public library, the class will hopefully get a deeper understanding and understand what it was like to be a part of the history that took place in the town we live.

The reason why the Kent Memorial library would be better than doing Internet research is because much of the information that is on the Internet is not always credible source. Being in the town where the actions took place will give us a big advantage because there might some authentic documentation that is not possible to find on the Internet. We are also lucky enough to be near the source and have the cemetery, as well as the public and own school library within five minutes from campus.

This project based learning experience is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the historical events that happened over the years, and it is an unique opportunity to dig into the past.

Source: http://www.preservationnation.org/assets/photos-images/preservation-magazine/todays-news-items/2008/Suffield-Kent-Library.jpg

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7 Responses to Taking Advantage of the Public Library in Suffield

  1. ahglennon says:

    I like how much you brought our studies to a local level. I agree that in order to uncover history in our town we need to do research right here at home. Do you know if borrowing the old texts the town library has is a possibility for our class? On a grammatical note the second paragraph break between “underground” and “railroad” seems to be a typo. Good work.

  2. suffieldkid says:

    I agree with Drew, the close to home parts of this piece make it easy to relate too. Besides for the books, do you think we could possibly find newspaper articles? It seemed that you were repeating yourself a few times while talking about the library.

  3. 14bsd says:

    Good piece relating to Project Based Learning and thinking differently than a normal class would, using things such like the public library instead of the school library in order to get more information on the Underground Railroad. Have you been inside and checked if what kind of newspapers or articles they might have?

  4. 14dlw says:

    This is good Sofie. Agreeing with the others, I enjoyed how this is located very close to us. Will we be able as a class to borrow old texts from the town library? You could look over your post for typos.

  5. Jack Frank says:

    I think that this raises a very interesting point, Sophie: we could truly learn so much and take advantage from our local history and resources. I would suggest correcting the formatting of this post, I think that the paragraph have been separated and spaced incorrectly. Are the books that you mentioned also available through an EBook?

  6. 14ross says:

    Nice post, Sofie! I love that this is such a local topic; it is a great idea to look for local information at a local place, such as a library, and especially since it is so close to us it is at our disposal pretty much whenever we want. I see a class trip there in the near future to maybe dig up and find some interesting stuff!

  7. Ben N says:

    Sofie, I really enjoyed this post! Libraries, which many people believe are obsolete, have volumes of books that relate to our subject. These books, articles, and scanned copies are much more credible than anything that is found on the internet. WIll you be visiting the Kent Memorial Library anytime soon? What books will you be looking for? This post flows well and is presented in Standard English.

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