A Pest for Comedy

A Pest for Comedy

Henslowe’s close relation to Shakespeare helps me learn more about Shakespeare’s early life in theatre business. Henslowe wants a comedy out of the writer, Shakespeare on the other hand does not enjoy writing comedies; rather he took pleasure in writing tragedies. This gives us some insight to Shakespeare during his early years in theatre. It shows us that he was more of a tragedy writer than a comedy. Although the people call for comedy Shakespeare still finds ways to incorporate his love for tragedy into the writing of these comedies. As depicted in the movie the play Romeo and Juliet, the comedy/tragedy, put Shakespeare on the map. This play and the ones to come after it (Twelfth Night) were Shakespeare’s early works in the theatre business; depicting both his comedic work and tragedy. Henslowe’s close relationship with Shakespeare and his persistence to get Shakespeare to write helps to show more about Shakespeare’s early life in theatre.

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  1. chatmanwebb1 says:

    Great job! You need to use present tense, other than that excellent work!

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